Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

A new addition to our Raleigh, NC showroom is a top-quality Franzen automatic chainsaw chain sharpening system, the most advanced fully-automatic chain sharpening system available today. This impressive machine enables us to offer fast, accurate, and effective chainsaw blade sharpening services to customers throughout the Triangle area. Franzen chainsaw sharpeners are manufactured in Germany and come fully recommended by Stihl to restore your dull chainsaw blades to function like new: we guarantee it!

Check out the short video below to see a Franzen automatic chainsaw chain sharpening system in action!

Have Your Chainsaw Sharpened While You Wait!

Come to Clay’s Power Equipment in Raleigh and take advantage of our Franzen automatic chainsaw sharpening system, which takes only about five minutes to sharpen most chainsaw chains perfectly. Watch as our knowledgeable technicians program the system to your chainsaw chain’s unique specifications, and then observe the speed and precision of the Franzen automatic chain sharpener. You can also take advantage of our chainsaw sharpening services from our Fuquay-Varina location, just allow some extra time for your chain to be transported to and from our Raleigh location.

The machine automatically grinds all cutters evenly on both sides of the chain, completely removing any chance for human error. The automatic chainsaw sharpening system also automatically grinds down the depth gauges, or rakers, in one cycle, ensuring your chainsaw functions properly every time. Because our Franzen automatic chain sharpener is fully automated, it sharpens more precisely and consistently than even the most skilled technicians can achieve by hand. Our automated chainsaw sharpening machine will deliver the best results available on virtually any commercially-available chain while you wait!