Gravely® Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Man Riding Gravely® Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

 Gravely® Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Some landscapes simply cannot be tamed with the average lawn mower. For these more difficult tasks, you should look into getting a Gravely® zero-turn lawn mower. These mowers are able to handle any lawn because they offer high power and high performance. Gravely® zero-turn lawn mower controls are easy to use, with optimal handling.

Every detail of a Gravely® zero-turn lawn mower has been carefully considered to make these mowers top of the line. Their durable tubular frame design is constructed from premium materials that can withstand force from all directions, while the deck leveling permits optimized grass lift without using too much horsepower. This feature improves your fuel efficiency. The constant belt tension system, meanwhile, provides you with self-adjusting belts that provide consistent blade tip speed. All these features make Gravely® zero-turn motors one of a kind, able to take a difficult mowing task and make it simple with their easy operation.

When you are ready to check out some great zero-turn mowers by Gravely®, come down to Clay's Power Equipment, where we carry a wide selection of mowers for sale. Our dealership proudly serves the cities of Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

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